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  • Clients & Testimonials

For 29 years, SBC has worked with clients in virtually every industry and profession.  Because of our mutual respect, we are proud that the vast majority of our new projects come directly from client referrals.

The following is a representative list of past and current clients:

Jackson Kelly | www.jacksonkelly.com
Law Firm, Charleston, West Virginia
Perkins Coie | www.perkinscoie.com
Law Firm, Seattle, Washington
FOCUS | www.focusenterprises.com
Investment Banking, Washington, D.C.
EPS Settlements | www.epssettlements.com
Structured Settlements/Financial Services, Denver
Haliczer, Pettis & Schwamm | http://www.hpslegal.com/
Law Firm, Ft. Lauderdale
Holland-Sheltair | www.sheltairaviation.com
Aviation/Real Estate, Ft. Lauderdale
iCap Realty Advisors | www.icaprealty.com
Real Estate, Dallas
Integra Realty Resources | www.irr.com
Real Estate, New York
Michael J.O’Connor | www.oconnorlaw.com
Law Firm, Pennsylvania
Moye White, LLP | www.moyewhite.com
Law Firm, Denver
Network Affiliates | www.netaff.com
Media/Advertising, Denver
Q10 Capital | www.Q10capital.com
Real Estate, Nashville, TN


“Michael Smith is the most impressive management consultant that I have met in my 34 years of practicing law. His knowledge of law firm operations, and the problems and difficulties often encountered by law firm managers, is unparalleled in my experience. More importantly, he has practical, pragmatic and workable solutions for every problem.  He is a world class problem–solver due to his keen insights, deep knowledge base and his unique ability to think ‘outside the box”.

John Sakson, Managing Partner | Stark & Stark| Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maggie on many occasions and she is a true professional. She is very thorough and detail orientated which makes everyone else’s task a lot easier. I would highly recommend her management skills. Maggie is an asset to any organization and a pleasure to work with.”

Patrick W. Shanahan, Partner | The Artcraft Companies

“Michael was a pleasure to work with.  He was responsive, easy to reach, and, above all, an excellent listener.  Before he began the “job search,” for our new CEO he knew more about our organization– its people and its needs– than we did!”

Knox White, Mayor | Greenville, South Carolina

“I had the privilege to work with Magali “Maggie” Behar for 12 years where she was my firm’s administrator.  Maggie ran a tight ship and was superb in dealing with all of the partners and staff.  She always told us the truth….not necessarily what we wanted to hear, but what we needed to hear.”

David Halberg, | Halberg, PA

“Michael Smith came to us as a highly recommended Business Consultant. We asked him to come visit our company and make some recommendations. Michael over-delivered! He helped us pull the trigger on some hard decisions that we had been struggling with for some time. I found Michael to be very candid and direct, but at the same time very pleasant to work with throughout the entire process. He gave us the reassurance and confidence to finally make some really tough decisions at our company and we are much the better for them. I can highly recommend Michael Smith as a valuable resource in making sure that your company is on track.”

Ned Siegfried, Managing Partner | Siegfried & Jensen | Salt Lake City, Utah

“I worked with  Maggie for 5 years at a prior law firm where she was the Office Administrator. During that time, I saw first-hand the manner in which she effectively oversaw all aspects of our firm’s administration.  When I recently opened my own firm, I reached out to Maggie for strategic planning assistance. Maggie is organized, thorough and detail-oriented and has proven to be a valuable resource to our new firm.”

Miguel A. Maspons, Partner | Maspons, Sellek, Jacobs, LLLP

“During the past year, our firm has had the great pleasure to work with  Michael.  He was instrumental in helping our firm examine our business practices resulting in dramatic improvements in efficiency, relationships with our staff, and our plans for the future. In addition to being our firm’s business guru, Michael has also become a friend and a mentor. We have all benefited greatly – both professionally and personally – from Michael’s advice, wisdom and experience.”

Rich Newsome, Newsome Melton | Orlando, Florida

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with Maggie Behar for the past 10 Years.  Her level of professionalism and knowledge was exceptional.  Her work ethic and effectiveness is only surpassed by her administrative skills. In her duties as a law firm administrator she showed a capacity to interact with non-professional and legal staff and the outside accountants with ease and always providing timely information and creating systems to assist in the management of the firm. I would not hesitate to refer her to my clients.”

Luis E. Boue, C.P.A., Colbert Boue Juncadella, PA

“If you haven’t had a skilled and reputable business consultant review your law firm’s operations and finances, you are not reaching your law firm’s peak potential performance. There is no one better to do this than Michael Smith and SBC & Associates. His review of our firm opened our eyes to how we could improve client and employee relations and reach our peak potential.”

Ron Gilbert, Melvin B. Wright and Nathan Carter, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, LLC | Orlando Florida

“RESULTS! In one word, Maggie Behar provides the results a company needs to operate efficiently, effectively and in budget!  As a result of decades of experience working with professional firms, both large and small, Maggie has developed a keen sense of what needs to be done in order to run an office or offices with the highest level of service to clients, while balancing the needs of professionals and staff, alike.  She is a great asset to have around and helps us be successful!”

Mercedes M. Sellek, Partner | Maspons, Sellek, Jacobs, LLLP

“Michael Smith is in a league of his own when it comes to moderating thought provoking and stimulating roundtable discussions. He extracted a wealth of information from an otherwise ‘tight lipped’ group. His expertise within our industry has made him an invaluable resource to our group. He not only can ‘talk’ about issues confronting our clients; he has had real life practical application in dealing with the very same issues.”

Norton Frickey, President | Network Affiliates, Inc. | Lakewood, CO

“I have known Magali Behar for approximately 10 years.  As an outside CPA, I closely worked with her during all these years and her professionalism and administrative skills are exceptional.  Her knowledge and ability to deal with people make her a very valuable asset to any company. I highly recommend her as a very valuable law firm administrator.”

Jose A. Villafranca, C.P.A., Colbert Boue Juncadella, PA

“Michael has provided great value to us with his insightful analyses of different business issues facing our Company. His ability to focus on critical issues and provide practical suggestions continues to help us grow and develop. He continues to be a valuable resource to us and is always available for a call.”

Jerry Holland, Founder and CEO | Holland Sheltair Aviation Group | Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“I have had the pleasure in working with Magali Behar in excess of 10 years in her capacity as the Plan Administrator for two different companies’ retirement plans. Ingham Retirement Group was both the Registered Investment Advisor as well as the Third Party Administrative Firm for these retirement plans. During this time, I had found Magali to be hard working, knowledgeable, perseverance, accurate and friendly in our business relationship. I look forward to the possibility of continuing working with her in her new endeavors.”

Ralph J Lindblom, M.S.A., AIF®, Consultant | Ingham Retirement Group

“Our firm’s 10-year relationship with Michael Smith has produced exponential results.  Mike’s ability to grasp a multitude of visions and bottle them into a cohesive business plan is incredible.  He also has the ability to effectively manage the various agendas and egos (i.e. mine included) of my partners without offending them.  Finally, I have recommended Michael to other firms and have received many calls thanking me for the referral.”

Kevin K. Kunnink, CEO | Integra realty Advisors | Kansas City, KS

“Maggie Behar ran our office for several years like an experienced chief financial officer.  Her skill set as a C.P.A. and practical knowledge were invaluable to the daily operation of our business and let us focus on our jobs.”

Kai E. Jacobs, Partner | Maspons, Sellek, Jacobs, LLLP

“Michael is the best meeting facilitator I’ve seen in 35 years of business.  He is terrific at setting agenda and keeping people on task.  His ability to manage even the strongest egos is impressive.  His listening skills coupled with his ability to help crystalize thought into action helped us form an entirely new business model in our industry.”

Jim Murphy, CEO | Q10 Capital | Boston, MA

“Maggie Behar served as our law office administrator for over 6 years.  Maggie was instrumental in organizing and administering our office so that its lawyers could do what lawyers do best – practicing law.  Maggie is a tireless worker, and she will use her extensive knowledge and many years of experience to benefit any organization that works with her.”

John J. Grundhauser, Shareholder | Dunwody White & Landon, P.A. | Coral Gables, Florida

“Michael will capture the essence of needed change in an organization faster and more effectively than any (consultant) we ever retained.  He pulls no punches, but can help and organization work through difficult change with a velvet glove.”

Joe Costello, President | EPS Settlements Group | Denver, Colorado

“I worked very closely with Maggie for 5 years at a former law firm where she was the Chief Financial Officer and Office Administrator.  Maggie handled all aspects of the firm’s administration, including all accounting matters, staffing and selection of software systems.  Working under many partners cannot be an easy job, but Maggie always handled her duties professionally and managed to please all partners of the firm.  Not an easy task.”

Mitchell E. Silverstein, Principal | Mitchell E. Silverstein, P.A. | North Miami Beach, Florida